New Flash Fiction Review was founded in 2014 by author/editor Meg Pokrass. We are an online magazine devoted to flash fiction and prose poetry. 

We prefer submissions to have an easy-to-read font and double-line spacing.

We do not publish previously published material. We do not accept submissions via email. Any submissions sent via email will be deleted unread. 

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If your piece has been accepted elsewhere, simply withdraw it from our Submissions manager. If you have submitted more than one flash, send us a note via Submittable advising us which piece has been accepted.

To get a flavor for what we like, please read our current issue, read Meg’s work, read the Wigleaf Top 50, Smokelong, Cheap Pop, the Bath Flash Fiction Award, and so many more! Read Audra Kerr Brown’s Wigleaf Top 50 story The Way of the Woods. Read Al Kratz’s Second Place story at Bath Flash Fiction Award You Have So Many More Choices Than Fight or Flight. Read and love Flash! Share the love with us! Check out Al Kratz’s articles on Beginnings and Endings. Check out previous NFFR stories that have been in or nominated for the anthologies. Check out Al’s perusal through NFFR history here and here

  • 750 word max. We’d like to emphasize the Flash of New Flash Fiction.
  • 1 story per submission period.
  • Fiction only for this issue. We will be opening CNF in general calls on the next issue. 
  • We don’t accept previously published material.
  • Simultaneous submits are cool, just withdraw it if needed.
  • We will be open for all of January or until we reach our cap. 
  • We will reply to everyone early in February. Thank you for trusting us with your work! 
New Flash Fiction Review